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Independent castle tour

Destination Meersburg Castle

A unique journey into the past

Your way over the old drawbridge of Meersburg Castle will take you straight into the adventurous times of the Middle Ages. During the independent tour which goes through more than 35 furnished rooms, the everyday life of people from bygone eras can be felt in all of its facets. Let yourself be enchanted by the time of the knights, follow the maids and servants into the kitchen and bakery, learn more about the jurisdiction in the Middle Ages in the torture chamber or watch the famous poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff in her study.

A mobile guide in English and German accompanies you on your journey through time. The guide can be accessed by scanning QR codes in different rooms with your own smartphone.

You can explore the various areas of the life of former castle residents in your own pace – from the bathing room to the armoury and the dungeon to the stately prince bishop’s hall.


Meersburg Castle for children

A fascinating trip into history

How was life for the inhabitants of a castle in the Middle Ages?
What was the everyday life of a knight like?
What did the ladies of a castle do?

Visiting a castle is particularly exciting for children. To make the excursion a unique experience for you and your family, we have prepared a quiz to accompany the independent tour. It is available in the age groups from 9 to 10 years and 11 to 13 years. The quiz is only available in German – a good way to learn the language. Children can explore the castle playfully by answering various questions about it this way. Feel free to ask our staff at the checkout for the quiz. When buying a ticket you will receive the quiz sheet for an extra charge of 0,50€. We require a small deposit for the clipboard, which you will get back after your visit.

Weekends of the “Animated Castle” make history come alive

Our young and old visitors can experience castle life as it has been in the Middle Ages during the weekends of the “Animated Castle”. During these days the past really comes to life: Forging, cooking, dancing and music are played in the castle – and you as visitors are right in the middle of it all. You can watch papermakers and laundresses at work or observe how a chainmail is made and how the blacksmith fires up his forge. The performers, who are all experts in their field, will be happy to answer your questions about the crafts and former times on the castle.


Rittermarkt & Rittershop

In the “Rittermarkt” and “Rittershop” there is much to discover about knights, castles and the Middle Ages. In addition to armor decorative weapons and knight figures, you will find finely crafted chess sets, a wide variety of costumes and literature about times long past. Certainly, small souvenirs for friends and family or nice memories of the Meersburg are also offered. You will find the “Rittermarkt” in front of the drawbridge next to the ticket office. At the end of the tour through the castle the “Rittershop” invites you to browse through.

Rittershop der Meersburg mit Artikel wie Kleidung, Schuhe und Schwertern.

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